7 Ways A Simple Timer Will Help You Get More Done

Do you struggle to find time to get things done? Scroll through this post to find out how using a simple timer can help you get more done every day!

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Have you ever thought, “If I could only get more done in a day”?

I know I have.

And we’re not alone. That’s why everywhere you turn, you see tips, tricks and methods to help you be more productive.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated or a complete overhaul of how you run your life. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started.

And that’s why today we’re talking about the best productivity tool you can add to your day…a simple timer!

There is something magical that happens when you set a timer. You’re held to a set amount of time. And you know you’d better get moving!

During that time, you’ll find yourself working faster, harder, and more efficiently. You’ll also prioritize more and procrastinate less!

The best way to get things done is to simply begin. Quote.

So whether it’s a big chunk of time or a 15-minute block, setting a timer can be just the jumpstart you need.

Let’s talk about how using one will help you get more done every day.

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Set the timer for 15-30 minutes and get going! You will be amazed at how much you can get done in such a short amount of time.

Pick up items on the floor, start the dishes, clear the counter, get in a little laundry…pick something and do as much as you can.

When the timer goes off, move on! Leave it! Whatever didn’t get done won’t get done right now, and that’s ok.

Sprinkle these little speed sessions throughout your day and you will be better able to keep on top of the chaos.

I have rotated through several cleaning routines in my adult life. Binge cleaning, one task a day, one area per day, not cleaning at all…

It all depended on what I was able to fit in at that time in my life.

But with 4 little kids and a house that constantly seems to upend itself, I needed something new. Something that worked for busy people.

So I decided to give speed cleaning a try. It worked for other people, so maybe it could work for me. And it did!

It’s been my main way of cleaning for a while now. It doesn’t get me to the deep cleaning stage, but it has been a game-changer for keeping my house picked up and mostly intact.

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If you have large tasks on your to-do list, then timers can become your best friend. You’ll work harder and more efficiently knowing you have a set amount of time. You’ll procrastinate less during that time and maybe even get done faster than you thought you would.

A timer can also help you not get lost in a project, especially when you don’t have time to get lost in it.


We all have tasks we dread. They often times end up last on our to-do list because we want to do the easier things first.

Instead, give yourself a set amount of time, the shorter the better. It’s a lot easier to do something you don’t want to do if you know when it will end.

For me, it’s putting the laundry away. I don’t know why, but it’s my least favorite chore.


Do you have something you’d like to get done but never seem to have time for? Exercise, meal prep, fixing something, or a particular task? Set your timer and just do it!

Set aside 30 minutes, for example, and see how much you can get done. You might surprise yourself.


One thing that will help you procrastinate less, is giving yourself time to relax! Setting aside time for you is so important. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes!

No matter how busy you are, set aside a little time for yourself every day!

I love to do this during my night routine. And when I need extra breaks during the day (kids can wear me out sometimes!), I use Independent Playtime.

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Timers aren’t only for adults! Your children can benefit from them as well.


If you are a parent, you probably have experienced your children dragging their feet when it comes to their chores.

Remember the speed cleaning tip? Setting a timer can help kids too!

But instead of making it a punishment (“If you’re not done in 15 minutes…”), make it positive. Help them want to beat the timer. And teach them how to be more efficient so they can spend less time on chores and more time playing!


Setting a timer for screen time helps eliminate battles. The length of time is up to you. But when the timer goes off, they will know that it’s not you telling them to be done. Their time is just up.

You could even let them set the timer themselves so they have ownership over it.

White timer

“The more time you have to do things, the less you are able to get done.”


You can’t add more time to your day, but you can carve out small chunks of time to get more done. Additionally, putting time limits on certain things will help you stay on task so you can move on with your day.

Learn how you can apply this even more with block scheduling.

Adding a timer has been key to my productivity and it can help you too!

So if you haven’t used a timer before, try it! And if you have, what are your favorite ways to use it? Let me know if the comments!

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a timer will help you get more done | productivity tips | get more done | productivity tools | boost productivity | time management | mom hacks

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