How To Get Seriously Organized In The Kitchen

Looking to get more organized in the kitchen? Here are the best products under $30 to maximize storage and keep everything in its place!

kitchen organizing products

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house. So why not make it as streamlined and functional as possible?

With all that they hold, our kitchens can easily feel cluttered and disorganized. But with a little effort (and a few clever organizers), they can feel bigger, cleaner and much more enjoyable.

I’ve found that the more organized I am in the kitchen, the more likely I am to cook and keep it clean. (Which does wonders for my mood!) So I’ve rounded up some excellent products that help maximize storage and keep everything in a designated place.

The best part? None of these products are over $30. I’m all about sturdy yet inexpensive organizing products!

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Here are 15 of my favorite kitchen organization products. They’re divided into categories for easy scrolling.

For the Cabinets

1. Behind-the-door organizer

This cabinet organizer helps you keep your sink and counters clear. Store sponges, soap or whatever else you need right behind the cabinet door under the sink.

Tip: Put felt strips like these at the top to protect your cabinet door.

2. Shelf dividers

These shelf organizers help you maximize the space inside of your cabinets. They come in different sizes too!

3. Cutting boards and baking sheets

Use this pantry rack to keep cutting boards, muffin tins, cookie trays, and other similar items easily accessible.

4. Tiered organizer

Here’s another way to maximize your cabinet space. This adjustable shelf organizer keeps smaller items like spices organized so they’re easy to find.

5. Lazy susan

Having a lazy susan in the cabinet is super handy! Especially for oils and other cooking items.

For the drawers

6. Drawer dividers

These adjustable bamboo drawer dividers are the best. Seriously. You can combine them to make a tidy spot for everything in every drawer, no matter the shape or size.

7. Drawer organizers

These plastic drawer organizers are another great way to keep every drawer organized. No more “junk” drawers!

8. Spice rack

Have you ever tried storing your spices in a drawer instead of a cabinet? It’s my favorite way to store them. This adjustable spice rack will help keep each spice in place so you can easily find what you need.

For the pantry

9. Snack and cereal containers

Keep your food fresh and your pantry from looking cluttered by storing snacks and cereals in these airtight cereal containers. You’ll save space too by throwing out the original packaging.

10. Plastic storage bins

These storage bins are sturdy, kid-friendly and a pantry’s best friend.

Tip: Use these for storing snacks and similar items too. Throwing the cardboard boxes out will save space!

11. Large storage baskets

If you need taller baskets, try these. I love larger baskets for our lunch packing station. They make packing lunches easy for my kids.

12. Airtight containers

These large containers are perfect for storing baking items and larger quantities of snacks.

13. Acrylic containers

These acrylic containers are airtight and come in a variety of sizes for all your pantry needs.

For the refrigerator

14. Fridge organizers

These organizers create more drawers inside the fridge for more space. Perfect for small items and healthy snacks.

15. Clear bins

These clear bins are another great way to keep the fridge organized.

It’s amazing what a little bit of organizing can do. Your kitchen will feel a lot less cluttered with everything in its place!

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What helps you feel more organized in the kitchen? I’d love to hear about your tricks in the comments below!

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