Top Lunchbox Supplies For The Best Lunches This School Year

Are you planning on sending lunches from home this school year? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this list of the best lunchbox supplies.

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It’s that time of year again.

Time to start thinking about back-to-school supplies. (Already?) And for many of us, that means lots of lists and shopping.

In the coming weeks, you’ll have enough to think about. Getting kids ready to go back to school is no joke!

So, to make your life a little easier, I’ve gathered the best (and my favorite) lunchbox supplies all in one place.

Everything on this list is sturdy, practical and has lasted us multiple school years. They’re basic enough for the PB&J-everyday-kids (and moms like me with no cute lunch packing talent). But they also make it possible to add in all kinds of variety.

So if you’re planning on home-packed lunches this year, or are thinking of giving it a try, these lunchbox supplies will make your life so much easier!

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lunchbox supplies | school lunch | pack a lunch | bring lunch from home | kids lunch | lunchbox ideas | cold lunch | hot lunch | bento





These are hands-down my favorite lunch containers. They’re dishwasher-safe and sturdy. We’ve had ours for a couple of years and they still work perfectly.

I love the divided sections. And the best thing about these is that they’re EASY to open. Perfect for younger children.

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These are a must-have. They’re perfect for condiments, sauces and dips. They’re leak proof, dishwasher safe AND they fit perfectly inside the Easy Lunchboxes lunch containers!





This might not normally be on your list of lunchbox supplies, but it really comes in handy!

The EasyLunchboxes containers above are meant to be easy for kids to open. That means that they’re not leak proof.

But that’s ok! Cut up a square of this and place it over a divided section that might contain something like yogurt or applesauce and it’s 100% leak proof!

If you want to pack a lunch without using the Mini Dippers, this is the other option I’ve used for years.





I love these for dividing the lunchbox containers down even more.

They’re are also great for adding a pop of color to lunch. I don’t know why, but trust me. It helps. Kids eat better with color!

Use these to keep items from getting soggy or if you pack something the kids would have fun assembling themselves (like a homemade Lunchable or taco salad).





This water bottle’s not for drinking. It’s for adding variety to lunch!

Do your kids like quesadillas? Try cooking one up, wrapping it in tin foil and rolling it up. Stick it inside and it’ll stay warm until lunch!





In the colder months, soup will be a nice treat at lunch. Heat it up in the morning and stick it in this container. Your kids will be happy for warm food!





In the hotter months, these molds are the best. Make your kids’ favorite smoothie, fill these up and stick them in the freezer. Make sure to leave a little room since the smoothie will expand when it freezes.

This is an excellent way to add variety AND pack in extra veggies. (I love smoothies for that reason!) You can also use these to freeze yogurt and applesauce.

By lunchtime, they’ll be thawed enough to still be cool, but perfect to eat. Check out this post for some great smoothie ideas.

TIP: Fold the bottom end to the side and stick the mold diagonally in the biggest section of the EasyLunchboxes container. This will keep the lid pressed to the mold so it doesn’t come off or leak what’s inside. (We learned that the hard way!)





There’s nothing better than a cold drink of water at lunchtime! And that’s why these water bottles are great. They’re the perfect size and keep drinks nice and cold.





We LOVE these lunchboxes. They’re durable, easy to clean and worth every penny! We’ve used several kinds of lunchboxes and these are by far our favorite.

There are 2 things I love the most about them:

  • These lunch boxes come with their own ice packs. And the best part is that the ice packs go in zippered pouches outside of the box! No more lost ice packs! And they stay cold forever. They don’t call them ice walls for nothing.
  • The lunch boxes are expandable. Great for the days my kids bring chips or something they don’t want squished.

So whether you’re a lunch packing pro or just getting started, give these lunchbox supplies a try. They’ll make the job easier for you and your kids!

And if you’d like ideas on what to pack, check out these 15 Super Easy Lunchbox Ideas Your Kids Will Love. They’re all packed using these supplies and they’re favorites my kids come back to again and again.

The Peaceful Parent Starter Guide | This Time Of Mine

What supplies do you like to use when sending lunch from home?

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lunchbox supplies | school lunch | pack a lunch | bring lunch from home | kids lunch | lunchbox ideas | cold lunch | hot lunch | bento

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