Hey there, I’m Jen!

And just like you, I know how hard it is to stay on top of everything when raising kids.

I’m a busy mom to four energetic kids and between taking care of them, running the household and trying to keep up with everything else I do and enjoy, I’ve often found myself fantasizing about the moment I can finally sit down for the night.

But through it all, I’ve found that I’m happiest when I’m intentional in my approach. And even though it’s not always easy, I know when I parent and live my life on purpose, that’s when I can make the biggest difference for my children.

I founded This Time Of Mine to use as a platform to teach as many parents as will listen. I want to meet you where you are and help you fall in love with parenting all over again. 

Because I know how hard it can be. 

I also know that when we learn to parent and live with intention, we can create more good times than bad. We can help our children WANT to do what’s right. And we can become the role model that walks along beside them. 

Here’s what you can expect from this website:

This Time Of Mine is a website dedicated to bringing out the best in YOU, so you can bring out the best in your CHILDREN. My mission is to provide you with simple solutions and proven techniques so you can make the biggest impact on your life and the lives of your children. 

You’ll find articles to help you as an individual, as a parent, and as a busy adult managing your home. And because I know you’re busy, you’ll find the best information in actionable, simple steps so you can start to see results right away.

Here’s what you won’t find:

Perfection. Or the unrealistic expectation of it. 

Here’s the truth. Motherhood can be messy at times, and when it really comes down to it, it’s all one great experiment. There are no cookie-cutter solutions that will work for every family.

Instead, consider this your drawing board where you can gather information and tricks to take home and experiment with.

And I promise, that as you strive to be a more intentional parent, you will see improvements. It might not work out perfectly every time, and that’s ok. Because there are never any guarantees in parenting, 

But you WILL increase the probability of success.

Ready to get started?

Here’s what to do next:


What does “Intentional Parenting” mean anyway? Discover the truth about what it is (and isn’t).


Need help now? Here are 3 steps you can take right away to be a calmer, more confident parent.


Keep learning with resources and information meant for busy parents and families.

If you’d like a little extra help, take a moment to learn how to stay calm when life gets chaotic. The Peaceful Parent Solution is a yelling management system that will walk you through the process of overcoming anger and creating actionable plans so you can stop yelling and parent in a way you love.

And since we’re chatting, I should probably introduce myself a little better…

Hi! I’m Jen! I’ve been married to my husband Scott since 2006. We met in college and pretty much looked this tired all the time with our insane schedules. We were both convinced that was the least we’d sleep in our adult lives. (Clearly we had no idea what having kids does to you…)

Oh, and yes, I used to be a blonde. I went dark a few years ago when we were totally broke so I could take a break from spending so much money highlighting my hair all the time. Only to find out it was so much more expensive to go back blonde! (So much for that.) 

One of my biggest passions is playing the cello. My degree is in Music Education and I worked as an orchestra teacher until I chose to stay home after the birth of my first daughter. But since I love playing my cello, I still make time to play! Besides my family and fixing up my home, it’s a hobby I try to keep fresh. I used to play professionally, but my kids are my priority for now so I keep it alive by playing at church.

Speaking of kids, we have four fun and energetic children. They keep us on our toes constantly and we are always trying to find ways to keep up with it all.

Two of my children have Albinism. Although they have two very different personalities they both have the same talent for getting unbelievably dirty. (Boys. Am I right?) They both have the characteristic light-skin-and-white-hair, but their condition is actually an eye condition! If you’re interested in learning more about Albinism, you can visit https://www.albinism.org/

So now that you know more about me than you ever wanted to know…let’s connect!

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Of course, if you’d rather reach out to me directly, you can always contact me here or email me at [email protected] – I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!